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Welcome to my passion, the outdoors of the Intermountain West. When I say the outdoors my primary focus is the wonderful wild creatures and fascinating scenery of this amazing area. It is my intent to bring the fresh air, the solitude and the beauty of this amazing area to you through my images. The amazing outdoor diversity of the Intermountain West presents an unending choice of unique gallery themes and photographs of opportunity.

I am a Photographer first, a Naturalist second, and a advocate for wild creatures, the ecology of ecosystems in which they live.

The photographer in me is self-taught, the naturalist part comes from degrees in Zoology and Entomology and the heritage left me by my Father and Grandfather.

All images on this site are copyright 2013 by Bruce J. Barker, sole proprietor.

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Bruce J. Barker, Outdoor and Wildlife Photography

  • Morning Bison Yellowstone

  • Gadwall Drake

  • Drake Woodduck

  • Pair of Canada Geese

  • Woodduck Hen

  • Forest Grouse, Yong of the Year

  • Great Blue Heron In Flight

  • Black Crowned Night Heron

  • Black Crowned Night Heron Immature

  • Rocky Mountain Big Horn Rams

  • Rocky Mountain Big Horn

  • Shiras Bull Moose, Island Park

  • Shira's Bull Moose Island Park

  • Shiras Bull Moose, Island Park

  • Bull Moose, See Me

  • Cow Moose

  • Bull & Cow Moose, Rut

  • Bull Shiras Moose

  • Shiras Bull Moose in Velvet

  • Henry's Lake Homestead

  • COOP Tractor Late 1930s

  • COOP Tractor Late 1930s

  • Dodge Truck Grill Late 30s

  • Trude Bay, Island Park

  • M. Haynes Yellowstone NP

  • Johnnie Sack Cabin Henry's Fork

  • Looking South to Crystal

  • Madison River Sunset, Yellowstone

  • Trashie

  • Antelope Buck

  • Mule Deer Buck, Non-typical

  • A Lot of Trash

  • Majestic Bull Bison

  • Bull Bison in My Face

  • Early morning Bison

  • Head of Bison

  • Bison Sunset

  • Getting Dirty

  • Bull Elk in Velvet

  • Master of the Meadow During Rut

  • Antlers, a Wonderful Spread