Welcome to my passion, the outdoors of the Intermountain West. When I say the outdoors my primary focus is the wonderful wild creatures and fascinating scenery of this amazing area. It is my intent to bring the fresh air, the solitude and the beauty of this amazing area to you through my images. The amazing outdoor diversity of the Intermountain West presents an unending choice of unique gallery themes and photographs of opportunity.

I am a Photographer first, a Naturalist second, and an advocate for wild creatures, the ecology of ecosystems in which they live.

The photographer in me is self-taught, the naturalist, part comes from degrees in Zoology and Entomology and the heritage left me by my Father and Grandfather.

All images on this site are copyright 2018 by Bruce J. Barker, sole proprietor.

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Bruce J. Barker, Photography
  • Gold Strike Stamps Vintage Sign

    I remember pasting Gold Strike Stamps in a book for my mother.

  • Vintage Outside Lamp

    I looked over this lamp well when I took the photo trying to figure out where it was actually used. The best guess the lamp was mounted on an outside wall, could have been a porch light.

  • Vintage Gasoline Sign

    No smoking signs are still found around all gas pumps.

  • Vintage Fire Truck Bell

    I am not exactly sure how the bell was used. It looks like it might have been a doorbell. I was really excited by the bell.

  • Vintage Blue Bond Trading Stamp Sign

    We didn't have this where I grew up, just Gold Strike and Green Stamps

  • Idaho City Antique Store

    I was complete mesmerized when I first came upon this antique store In Idaho City, Idaho. There was no way I could take it all in and needed time to explore the outside. Not a vacant space on it. All I can say is WOW. Hope you think so to. A must see if you visit the Boise, Idaho area.

  • Black Bear Cubs Climbing Stump

    Boy, did I enjoy watching these three cubs play up and down the stump. Mom was eating grass below.

  • Three Black Bear Cubs Climbing

    I sat and watched this three Black Bear Cubs climbing and playing on this stump for a couple of hours, what a treat. Mom was eating grass below

  • Hayden Valley Bore Grizzly

    Photographed in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone Park last May.

  • Hear I Come

    The Madison River is between me and the bear plenty of room for safety

  • Large Cinnamon Bore

    The largest Cinnamon phase Black Bear I have had the chance tp photograph. In fact one of the largest Black Bears Bores have seen.

  • Flower Bear

    A young Black Bear in a patch of Spring Wild Flowers. Just had to call it "Flower Bear", Yellowstone Park.

  • Coming Down

    I was just below and to the right as he was coming down the hillside I was on. A magnificent Black Bear.

  • Black or Brown

    I don't think he could decide what color it was suppose to be. Neither black or cinnamon. Black bears come in many different color phases, neat bear.

  • Looking For Mom

    Mom is not to far away just a few steps away in the willows

  • Moose Twins

    The Upper Henry's Fork is great Moose habitat cows produce twins in this habitat more often.

  • Cow Moose

    Seems like she likes to eat Fireweed.

  • Evening Light

    Cow and calf moose just as the sun is starting to go down along the Henry's Fork.

  • Bison Love

    Mom Bison with her Red Dog calf sharing a bonding and loving moment. Yellowstone National Park.

  • Dusky Bull Bison

    When I first noticed this bull I was on a bear stakeout. I thought he had some sort of a disease as I came closer I could see it was mud, white Yellowstone mud.

  • Covered With Mud

    The Bison is covered with white Yellowstone mud. Bison love to wallow in dust and mud he must have had fun.

  • Harem Master at Dark

    His Ladies were not to far off as this huge bull entered the Madison River just at dark.

  • He Has Me Covered

    Bull Elk in Velvet he slowly browsed and walk at me. I was continually backing up.

  • Velvet

    One of the best butt shots I have taken and I have take many.

  • A Harem Master

    Bull Elk as he wades along the Madison River, Yellowstone, during the rut.

  • Cow Elk Watchig

    She is keeping an eye on the Harem Master just out of photogra[h

  • Watching Me

    I was just across the rive as this calf of the year came along the Madison Rive and stopped to take a good look at me.

  • Yellowstone Bull Elk

    During the rut and he has his share of Ladies

  • Bull Elk

    This bull is huge and is entering the Madison River just as the sun sets